September 26: We Play Reach

On September 26 we will play Halo: Reach for a Xbox 360 Community Playdate. This will be our third Playdate. The last time we played Burnout: Paradise and it was not a very good success due to problems that where out of our hands. The first playdate we play Halo 3. That playdate on the other hand was very fun and successful. I hope to repeat the pattern when we play the biggest 360 release of the year.

So far this is where we stand. I have six gamer tags that will be listed for this event. I would like to have two more if all possible. Some people that are playing do not want to have their tag listed on the dashboard because of the amount of craziness that occurs when the tag is listed. So I write this post for two reasons. I wanted to give the tags who are going to be listed and also say that if anyone that visits this site wants their 15 minutes of fame on the dashboard I will be accepting two more tags from site visitors. If you are interested in having your names listed with the ones below, please leave the proper information in the comments below or email me.

Son of Bdar
xDFx Skeletor
Get Kancer
LordRune JGGH
MS Reaper 69


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  • Mickey

    Meh, I'll play the playdate but I dont want to be on the dashboard.

  • Ethan long

    i liketo have my gamertag added fo the 26th of september playdate my gamertag is dso icey im a big fan of halo and i love to hangout with any one that would love toplay some halo reach my email is
    ^_^ im ready to play reach

  • Anthony Essaye

    Put my gamertag on the dashboard its “Anthonyessaye3”
    I'll Be there!

  • Sorry guys. Due to having to have stuff turned in to Xbox, the tags that will be listed have already been turned in. If you still want to play please feel free to send a FR to any of the tags above and you will have a spot to play on the Play Date. There will be a post soon talking about prizes for the event.

  • Mysti0421

    Darn! This is what happens when your computer blows up. I could have had my name up there all pretty like Randy’s! BTW loving the achievement for “reaching the bottom” Lol!!

    • tell me about it! that was hilarious.. achievement unlocked.. lmao! nice one eric!