Criterion Shows single player and Autolog features

At this years GamesCon Criterion Games chose to show off what looks to be one of the core features of the game. Autolog. In showing Autolog and how it works Matt Webster also showed off some of the single player driving of the game. Enjoy!


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  • Bpdunn

    Very nice, gave me some goosebumps, especially the sound effects when the helicopter flew overhead.

  • This really is going to be a great game and will take the place of Burnout for me. Well, maybe not take the place, but get damn close.

  • Bpdunn

    Yeah, I don't think there is going to be an open world in it is there? Just a series of events?

  • I have heard speculation for both. I think single player is on rails so to speak. The multi-player on the other hand is open I think.

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