Something New From Twisted Pixel

Got an interesting email today from Twisted Pixel, the geniuses that brought yo games such as The Maw, Splosion Man and Comic Jumper. The email which you can read below leads me to believe that it’s a new game. Could be DLC I suppose, but feels very ‘new game’ to me. The photo below has a countdown clock posted on Twisted Pixel’s site counting down to the episode of Game Trailers TV. Being a big Twisted Pixel fan and in a time where a lot of HUGE game are going to be teased and announced at the VGS’s, I’m glad to see TP is still kicking.

Be sure to tune in to the 1:00am show of Game Trailers TV on Thursday, December 2nd on Spike TV. You will get the full scoop then, and on our website following the show. Keep checking and you may catch a hint of what’s to come.



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