ZP2KX: Review

Zombie and Pterodactyls 20XX is a spectacular game made by Ska Games that is one of the best Indie games I have played. Ska’s last game on the Marketplace was The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai released back in 2009 and it was a great platformer, but I never got over the idea of spending 800 MS points on it. Not the case with ZP2KX.


ZP2KX is a pleasant mixture of The Dishwasher, CoD and straight up matchmaking all wrapped up in one great package. There are two modes to choose from. You can play “Practice” mode and fight against nothing but bots and still rank up. There is also a multiplayer mode to play against friends and other players. Fret not because if you don’t have enough players to fill a room, Ska will provide bots for your room to make sure that things are never boring. When you enter a room things are pretty much completely crazy. You and 7 other people will duke it our 2D side scroller style picking up some of the craziest and most fun weapons I have encountered in any kind of game. Weapons like an AK-47 that fires cats. Yes, cats. Maybe a gun that fires rainbows and makes you enemy levitate with no control for 5 or so seconds. Or my personal favorite the gun that fires swarms of bees.

All in the middle of picking up these weapons and standard shotguns and swords you will earn yourself double kills, triple kills and kill streaks. Ska has placed a great ranking system in that I have not actually capped off yet. I have made it to rank 42 and with every new rank I have unlocked something great. Rather it be a new class, appearance for my character or what I like to think of as perks. Like having the option to start a match already equipped with a Katana. Either way at ever rank you are rewarded with some kind of great new thing to add to you character and the way you play. Ska was not skimpy on the levels either as there are quite a few great options for battle grounds and it seem to not really get old. The combat is simplistic at best and is pretty simple to pick up and play.


We have never reviewed a Indie game here at jggh Games, but I’m happy that this is the first. All in all ZP2KX is a great addition to the underrated Indie games section of the XBLA. For 80 Ms points I really don’t see any way of going wrong when picking up this game. Granted it is an Indie game and has no achievements, but I found myself having such a great time it did not seem to matter anyway. I would highly suggest dropping the 80 points required to get this game because it will not be something to regret and I think that Ska Games have set a new level of expectation for future Indie games to come.


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