Cloning Clyde (Steam): Review

Cloning Clyde is a somewhat tradtional 2D platformer that was originally released as an Xbox Arcade title in 2006 by developer NinjaBee. It is now being released on Steam for PC users to enjoy.


The overall story of the game involves Clyde, a poor sap that was just trying to make 20 bucks for being a science experiment for cloning. Of course the cloning machine malfunctions and now there are more Clydes, and angry chickens, than you know what to do with. The basics of the game revolve around Clyde seemingly trying to get out of the facility, which has him running/jumping/climbing around bare-butt in a hospital gown (although there is an option to put Clyde in underwear if you so please). Now the whole time Clyde is trying to escape he has to contend with security cameras that send exploding chickens after him as well as varying puzzles in which he must clone himself to be able to clear. So, that’s the jist, and now I’ll break everything down.


The controls are very simple, since all Clyde can do is jump (Spacebar), attack (a), special attack (D), and interact(s). Basically, Clyde runs through the levels attacking security cameras, that spawn angry chickens until blown up, looking for an exit. There is also the cloning system which is where once you’ve cloned Clyde you can then use (Z) to switch between clones to allow you to control them independently, which allows you to leave clones on switches and such to allow you to pass some obstacles, which you can also help to get out with you for full clears. There are also DNA strands to collect to do powerful special attacks, as well as action figures to find on each stage. Everything has a very basic feel to it, which can be a good thing. The puzzles can be challenging and
that’s definately a plus, but the gameplay just doesn’t stand out as doing something new and innovative. The cloning system is a new twist on what some have already done with the genre.


Well, what can I say, it’s an Xbox Arcade game from 2006. It seems like they were going for a bit of the cell shaded/comic book look and they pulled it off, although it’s just a visual style that’s not very appealing to me.

The sound effects are actually decent. The “dur” sounds that Clyde makes when you try to do something that you can’t are humorous, at least for the first few minutes, as well as his fighting moves. Also, the explosions sound nice and beefy. Everything tends to have a wacky or zany tone that fits well with the scenario. The background music is forgettable and nonexistant in some areas, as it can be with games of this genre.

Overall Enjoyment
I actually did enjoy this game, at least the first few levels, as it can be addicting as far as puzzle solving games usually are. The game does have a healthy dose of humor and definately doesn’t take itself seriously, which are a huge plus. That all being said, it’s fine for killing some time on an afternoon every now and then, which is probably exactly what it was designed to do.


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  • This game looks like a game where I can relax. I hope I can win! 😀

  • Chumush

    Love cloning clyde, so do the kids, just barmy enough for them!!!


  • Davicams44

    Can’t wait to play this on the computer.

    • Davicams44

      Twitter name is Davicams

  • I’ve always wanted to check this out. I enjoy these puzzle solving side-scrollers. Thanks!


  • ok!
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  • This game doesn’t seem that bad.

  • Skrams

    Really enjoyed the demo on XBLA. Would love to try it out for free on PC. Can’t be that much different.
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  • Thanks for all the entries guys! The contest ended. We will be giving tons of prizes away April 1 on our Community Playdate including this game.