Shallow Grave Revealed

This map is the third in a series of four maps specifically made for our April 1 Playdate. This map is going to be the most fun I think and has a special meaning behind some of the features of the map.


Shallow Grave is a 6v6 map that is played with a variant of the Slayer game type. It gets it’s name based of the idea that most of the map you will be fighting in chest deep water, which can seriously effect the impact of grenades as well as other weapons featured in the game. The map has a wide range of vehicles to choose from and has multi levels of combat. The fight can either stay on the water or it can be taken to the narrow shore lines. The game type is straight to the point. First team to 75 kills wins.


I said that this map had some special meanings involved in certain aspects. There are several easter eggs about this map. Here is the deal. If you are brought into a game for this map and you can name one of the many jggh easter eggs that are placed though out the map and the game type, we will give you a prize. Now, I won’t give away any secrets, but lets just say that looking through the site archives here would increase your chances of winning.


I look forward to playing this map on Friday and hope that someone reading this now will be there to play along.


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