jggh Presents: jggh Vanilla GrifBall Tournament

Something that we have been wanting to do here for a long time now is host our own GrifBall Tournament. So needless to say I am pleased to announce that we will hold our first one this coming Friday. The event can have a maximum of 24 teams and no less than 8. Registration is open now. Winning of the Tournament will receive something special from us to you from the XBL Marketplace. (RvB Grif Armour and Ball Prop)


The Tournament will be single elimination. The event will be held on in what is our opinion the best Vanilla court to date, Pinwheel. The tournament will be held on Friday May 6th at 11 PM Est. Sign Ups are now closed.

Sign Ups will go on till 10:30 PM Est. 30 minutes before the events starts. We will have a bracket of all teams competing. We will a link to report your win after the event begins.

If you have any further questions, you can email jgghproductions@jggh.net or contact us on Twitter @junegore or @jgghgames




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