Aww! – Man Proposes To His Girlfriend Using LBP2

Guilherme and his girlfriend Sarah play Little Big Planet 1 + 2 together all the time, and so he figured that the best way to propose to Sarah would be to do so in his own custom level. In the video, you can see them both playing through the level, showing their most memorable moments together, which is actually very well made, until they reach the ‘boss’. About to fight, Sarah thinks this is a simple boss fight, but is pleasantly surprised when the words “Sarah Will You Marry Me” (in Portuguese) drop onto the screen. His brother filmed Sarah’s reaction at the end, when she says “Yes”.

First I thought it was a bit of a bad idea, but now I’m really liking video game proposals. After seeing this, the one in Earthbound, and the amazing Claptrap proposal, I can’t wait to see what others come in the future!

I would like to use this opportunity to wish them both the best of luck in their future together. Congratulations!


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