It’s That Time Again!

Yes, year after year E3 rolls in and rolls out leaving the gaming community with all sorts of announcements and news about everything gaming. That time of the year is here again.

This time of year is always much fun to gamers, even though I’m not 100% the industry people are pleased with all the craziness for the next few days. This year E3 is not bringing any lighter load than it normally brings. If anything, I feel that most people are looking for some answers from all of the big three. Every year before E3 I post and discuss what I want to see at E3. Not what I think we’ll see, but rather a short list of things I would like to take form. This year I have chosen what I would like to hear from each respective console maker.


Halo: CE: HD Remake
Yes, I know it’s probably going to happen and I realize that to most people this means nothing, but I think it’s time we see a HD remake that is actually a remake and not a port with a HD finish. This could be a great time for Halo players and with the upcoming transition from Bungie to 343i, a announcement like this could be just what the Franchise needs.

Core Games on Kinect
Kinect is a great gaming tool to have. The only issue is I’m sure it would be greater success if the camera was offered as more of a core serving to gamers rather than a way to deal shovel ware to us. We know Forza 4 has Kinect functionality, but I would like to see more core games for Kinect. Not planned releases for the 360 that happens to support it.

More Core Game releases and exclusives
Microsoft needs to get together and figure out that we want more games. Give us more games that are exclusive to the 360 and that have relevance to us core gamers. Stop focusing on whatever it is that you’ve been focusing on for the past year Microsoft and get back to giving us what we want.

A New Xbox?
We all know what Nintendo are offering up this year and this is Microsoft’s chance to start the community buzzing on what’s next for them. We don’t need a system name or specs. All we would need is a confirmation that the system is coming and the idea will grow on its own. If Microsoft wants to win over the E3 crowd from Nintendo, this would be the way to try and accomplish that.


Sony better have something good up their sleeve this year. After the recent issues with the PSN you can bet that people are going to be looking for Sony to make some kind of retribution.

Exclusives for the Ps3. That seems to be what drives the Ps3. With games like Uncharted and Resistance Sony could very well deliver the goods to E3, but it’s going to have to have a sugar coating for some who may still have a sour taste in their mouth.

Show us More NGP (PS Vita)
Yes, Sony once again seems to have let the cat out of the bag on the NGP. All signs point to the NGP being branded the PS Vita. That’s all fine and good, but I want specs and a release date. This is E3, and for a product that has seen its official debut months ago I’m pretty sure people are going to want to see more.


Project Cafe
Yes, the new Nintendo system is going to be on hand at E3 this year and you can bet that is the previously mentions names don;t do something to get them selves ahead of the big N, they might just steal the show. With Project Cafe sounding like their attempt to catch up with gaming expectations and some of the great franchise titles that Nintendo hold under lock and key, you can bet that with the right combination of games and a release date, Nintendo will likely clean house this year.

Give us some 3DS information. Games, added features. To be honest though, with the rate Nintendo is bringing out handhelds I wouldn’t be surprised if we see another new one from them. (not really)

The Wii is Still Alive
The Wii is still around and some people seem to have forgotten about it. If Nintendo gives us something to actually care about on the Wii then maybe it’s last year on the market before Nintendo’s next big thing may not be a failure. Fact of the matter is the Wii set records in the past few years. It may not have been th most impressive thing, but if Nintendo’s smart they will keep the Wii alive for another year until it’s time to move on.


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