Kinect Fun Labs Impressions

At the Microsoft E3 event Kudo Tsunoda (who in my opinion looks like a homeless person who won the lottery) announced that Kinect Fun Labs was available for download from the XBL Marketplace. Of course there were a few titles doemoed at the event, but only a couple of those are available at this time. I played Kinect Me, Build a Buddy and Googly Eyes.

I found that ll the games have a “Wow! That’s cool!” quality to them, but after about 10 minutes in each game you find that the novelty wears thin really quick. Each game has 50G in gamerscore available and for the most part it’s easy to gain them. So far out of all the things I have played All games have an option to upload custom made content to I found that the funnest our of all the currently available games is Build a Buddy.

The Kinect Me game is not very accurate, well for me it wasn’t. The mangled Avatar it took of me makes me look like some meth reddened junkie, but it’s still a fun process. Maybe someone more average and not so portly would have better luck.

The Googly Eyes game allows you to take an object and let your Kinect bring it to life. I used my sons teddy bear and it makes for a pretty disturbing creation. Needless to say my son is done with that teddy bear.

Build a Buddy is pretty much the same as Googly Eyes with more of a creative sense to it. You can create a personality as well as expressions and sounds. I don’t currently have a video of the creation I made, but it was some what entertaining, but in the end the same as the others that are available.

All in all Kinect Fun Labs is a pretty mundane experiment that Xbox has put together for Kinect users. Even though fun to use for a couple of minutes it can be a little irritating going through the steps to do everything and the pay off is average at best. This fun but gimmicky addition to Kinect is welcome, but not with open arms.


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