More MvC3 DLC Confirmed?

In this recent IGN interview, Capcom VP Chrisian Svensson said:

IGN: What’s up with downloadable content for Marvel vs. Capcom 3? We haven’t heard anything.
Svensson: I’m going to ask you to wait and see. We have been more radio silent than I would like us to be.

Does this mean that more DLC is in the works? If this is anything to go by, we may get an announcement at E3. With MvC3 being one of my favourite games, I am very excited about this news after waiting for DLC for quite a long time, and look forward to seeing which characters they’ll be adding.


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  • Ferris Ferguson

    The DLC of Marvel vs Capcom is coming for more?

    • Ferris Ferguson

      More Marvel vs Capcom 3 DLC? I love it. I hope they will add 100 new Capcom characters and 100 new Marvel characters, plus Jill Valentine and Shuma-Gorath.