The Internet Didn’t Make Everything Better

As vague as the title of this article sounds, you’l shortly understand what I mean. I remember back in the day, when a movie came out or a game came out, every detail of the of the movie you were watching or the game you played was all new. Now, it seems that most of the pictures you see, videos you watch and stories you read will for the most part take all the excitement that you have out of you before release.

A perfect example of what I’m talking about is all of these recent pictures and videos from The Dark Knight Rises. People already are whispering about spoilers and what “could” happen. I was happy to see the pictures being a fan, but simply put, I would have been pleased with waiting till the movie released. Same with the recent Superman pics. I liked it, but it completely took all the surprise out of the reboot from Warner Bros. It’s the same way with video games.

There was a time when game conventions were just not talked about. Sometimes you may have heard of great news from a games con, but most of the time it was simply just another event. Now, E3 is looked at as a huge event, and not just in the gaming world, but in media as a whole. I know that gamers love getting all the release dates and announcements, but why do we need them. Think about it. If you didn’t see all the news and playable demos and huge trailers at these events, you may be more willing to give a game a chance.

Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying, I love getting these “inside scoops”, but plain and simple it does hurt the product the companies are trying to sell. More games would be given a chance, more movies would not be criticized from the first publicity shot. I guess you can’t expect anything less from a media sharing world, but I still think that surprise was part of the charm in the old days.


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  • JDean330

    I agree with you man. Its nice to know something new and exciting about a game but when they give away an awesome plot surprise or give away someone who is in takes away the surprise factor everyone was looking forward too.

  • LordRune

    I don’t remember the last time I saw a movie or played a game without knowing all about it in advance. 100% with you on this one.

  • Codex

    i agree.  demos an trailers should be ur real first glimpse at games an movies.