GTA V Trailer Announced & Logo Revealed

Rockstar has finally come out and announced  much awaited GTA V, complete with the logo and all. They have also announced that the debut trailer for the game will be released on Wednesday, November 2. The speculation is that the game will be based in Rockstar’s own concoction of Los Angeles, I guess only time will tell…

Anyone else feeling excited for another GTA title? I just can’t wait!



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  • Anyone else play the GTA franchise besides me here? 🙂

  • I am definitely excited for another GTA title

    • Now we just need the time and place and the characters. 

      One week more…. 😛

      • true! im very curious as to what it is going to be

        • I believe that the game will take place in fictional Washington DC.  Just my opinion, but with all the recent political news and the money look in the “V” of the logo.  It would be fitting if Rockstar to do this. Agreed?

          • I’d like to see that, unfortunately I haven’t explored much of USA and don’t know too many other interesting locations but Washington could be tons of fun!! XD

  • hey those one photo is like my Facebook cover but the V are got to see full but the Grand doesn’t exist