R.I.P. GamePro

Thank you for your loyalty, support, and participation in the GamePro.com community. At noon on December 5, 2011, the U.S. version of GamePro online will shut down as an independent site. GamePro will become part of PCWorld.com (http://www.pcworld.com/gamepro) offering gaming news, reviews, and how-tos from the PCWorld team. Thank you to the entire GamePro staff for their hard work and dedication.

That is the heading at the top of the GamePro web site as we learn today that GamePro has officially called it quits. After announcing that they would switch to a quarterly format earlier this year, it has seemed not to work. Regular visitors to GamePro.com will be re-directed access the latest games news, reviews, and ‘how-tos’ from the PCWorld editorial team. Visitors to gamepro.com will be redirected to the PCWorld GamePro channel on pcworld.com,” the company said. IDG Media has stated that GamePro as a brand will live on with “GamePro Media.” GamePro Media will be “refocusing its US business exclusively on its growing custom publishing and solutions business.” This decision was made by Mike Kisseberth, who is in charge of IDG’s Consumer and Small Business media group. That group handles PC World, Mac World, and GamePro Media. GamePro Custom Solutions will be led by GamePro’s current President, Marci Yamaguchi Hughes.

GamePro Magazine was launched in 1989, with the official web site following in 1996. It’s sad to see in 2011 we’ll see the closure of the gaming main stay. R.I.P. GamePro.


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