The Future of Xbox…

Many rumours have been swirling around the internet concerning the next generation of Xbox. It can be safe to assume that Microsoft has been working on it ever since the launch of the 360 although what they choose to do next is still up in the air. The most important of these rumours I must say is that it could be released in the holiday season of 2012. It seems to be quite a jolt that Nintendo has probably placed on the rest of the console developers. Microsoft and Sony are going to have to pick up their pace to make sure they aren’t left dazed in the dust by Nintendo and it’s Wii-U. Let’s hope we get some more information on the new generation consoles before E3 next year.

Another rumour going around is that developers are currently working on what are called “target boxes” which are simply PCs that mimic what the console will perform like so that they can get started with their development. According to Edge, a few select developers such as Ubisoft and EA have already gotten hold of these models and perhaps begun work on some of their future titles. Also rumoured is that the developer kit models will arrive prior to Christmas so that most developers can begin full fledged development right away.

This seems like good news for Xbox owners out there but the biggest question is, when will Microsoft be ready to spill the beans about the goodies brewing about in their lab?


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  • I don’t believe that MS will launch a new system in 2012.  No way attention will be pulled from Halo 4. I think that MS wants the Xbox 360 to go out on a strong note with Halo 4.  I see an announcement with some stupid code name at E3 and release in Holiday 2013.

  • JD

    Wii-u has shown nothing to indicate it will even compete with this gen. I think 2012 is nearly impossible for ps4 or 720. Halo 4 is already said it won’t be a launch title for 720 which pretty much proves 720 will not be in 2012. Early 2013 is a minimum.

    • I think the Wii U will be on Par with this current Gen, but I still think the Wii has done too much accidental damage to Nintendo that it won’t help.

      • JD

        The graphics might, but the game catalog and lack of any real controller doesn’t put the system in the same category to me.

        • I agree with you 100%.  Also notice that the idea of only having one new controller hooked up at a time never gets mentioned.  By the time the Wii U comes out, we’ll all be waiting for the next best thing pain and simple.

          • JD

            exactly, the controller is just gimmicky. When they 1st started talking about it when they made it look like the controller was going to work with multiple controllers each showing something different from the main screen. That would have been very cool especially for football games,  where you could pick your  plays on your controller and never have it on the main screeen

  • I didn’t mean that the Wii-U will be better or worse or any other comparisons you may wanna make. I meant it in the sense that if the Wii launches first, the other console developers may not have a chance to sell theirs to as many folks who have already invested into the Wii.

    Take the PS3 for example. They had a disaster at launch (pricing & everything) and they also started later than the 360, big, big mistake on Sony’s part as now they’re simply playing catch up…

    • That will be the point though.  Nintendo is playing catch up with the Wii U.  Anything that comes from anyone else will be moving forward.