Welcome to The Hour!

jggh Games started as a gaming blog almost 4 years ago and while our numbers may not be nearly as huge as other gaming markets, we try to take a unique approach to everything we do. One of the goals for the site since the start of initial growth was to make one big community for gamers of all types, no matter what your tastes. Today, we take our first real step towards this goal by announcing The Hour.

The Hour will create somewhat of a backbone to be able to organize a Clan/Guild/League/Corporation/whatever large groups are called in your game of choice. There are added bonuses that we’ll be giving to members of The Hour. These bonuses will be discussed at a later time and date, but I can tell you that it’s all relevant to running any guild or clan and it’ll all be free of cost to members.

Along with this new addition to jggh Games, we’ll also be bringing back the forums. The Hour will be housed with-in the jggh Games forums, but all in a very separate setting. We are happy to announce that we have reached a point in building these forums where we are ready to have people come in and help us test not only the jggh Games forum, but also test out The Hour. If you are looking to get in early, are interested in what The Hour may offer, or you just want to be helpful feel free to contact us to get into the testing phase of the forum. You can contact us in the comments here, @jgghgames or email us at jgghproductions @ jggh.net.


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I operate this site. I also have been gaming for 23 years. I am an Xbox LIVE Ambassador and an Xbox Community Xpert. Need anything find me on Twitter @junegore or email me at junegore@jgghgames.com