Game Night #1 Halo: Reach Is Finished Winners Announced

Our first night is under way! There are different ways to enter. If you have played with us tonight, please use the first option and comment as described below. Also, if you played you can use the third option of Tweeting the phrase listed.

If you did not play with us, you still have a chance. Just simply use the second option and follow the description. Please read the rules as they will be enforced. The contest winners will be announced either after the event tonight or in the morning bright and early. I hope you all are having a blast if you’re playing and Good Luck!

Prize List From Night #1 Halo: Reach


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  • I definitely think more events like this would be awesome!

  • I plan on joining the next event depending on when it is.

  • Had a great time, we played team swat on boardwalk

  • I had fun it was cool to join you and play with you guys. we played Big team battle

  • I sad I missed this 🙁

  • I enjoyed playing with you all and welcome more gaming events like this one.  We finished off the night with a game of Infection at Sword Base.

  • Shame its not at the right times for me, wish I could have joined in on some of the fun

    • We need to pick you up for another day bud, you were missed :/