Gotham City Imposters (+ Beta Keys)

The latest creation from Monolith Productions, Gotham City Imposters, will be going under a closed beta between the 15th and 20th of December.

The FPS multiplayer game coming to GFWL, XBLA & PSN features brilliant levels of creativity, packaging the over the top brutal street justice of Gotham City into a neatly packaged downloadable title. The game is scheduled to release on January 10, 2012 so keep a lookout for any impending updates in the next couple of weeks at the homepage.

We at JGGH have got a handful of closed beta keys to give away to our fans, so get your fingers cracking and take part in helping to make the game a better experience for all!

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  • I absolutely <3 Arcade games. I honestly, don't even need 8 beta keys, but I'd still be happy. This looks pretty darn awesome and it would be a pleasure for me to have a beta key 😀

  • As a long-term fan of Batman, and his games, I’d love to beta test this reimagining of the classic characters!

  • I had a chance to attempt to try the PC beta for this a while ago but it had some errors and was pretty much unplayable for me. Would love a chance to try it out on xbox or ps3.

  • It must be fun to trying to impersonate as Joker.

  • Game looks like alot of fun! id love to try out the beta!

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait for the game. Hopefully I can try out the Beta!

  • It’s definitely going to be one heck of a great beta, guaranteed! 😀

  • CindyTerough

    i liek key plz

  • tony t

    so how do i collect my key says i won

  • Post your numbers here folks, 1-10! 😉

  • i would like # 3

  • Smikey1123


  • Tonatiuh Garcia


  • Neuromastic

    I’d love a code!
    Especially considering I signed up for the beta using the code that came with my Batman:Arkham City Collectors Edition. Then later discovered it have me nothing more than a “chance.”
    So, my reason would be both payback & a little pity 🙂