Guacamelee’s first add-on complete with costumes and trophies

Guacamelee has a new add-on content that comes with costumes as well as additional trophies to be enjoyed for both the Playstation 3 and Vita.  Expect to have three different costumes to dress up your character from this pack.  First, you have the Pollo Luchador which is a chicken suit that gives you the ability to replenish your health.  Then there’s the Skeleton suit that gives you infinite stamina.  And finally, you have the Identity Swap which means an increase in strike damage but at the expense of a weaker throw damage.  The add-on content is now available in the Playstation Store and will cost you $1.99 in North America or €1.59/£1.25 in Europe.  It’s a very good price to pay if you already own Guacamelee and want to spice up this game once again with a new look for your character.


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