Early Access Impressions: Nekro

Developed by darkForge Games comes a new title for the PC as a Steam download called Nekro.  You have command of a legion of abominations as you summon and customize their attributes and skills in an effort to reign victorious in a battle between the Undying Legions and The Order. It plays out like a strategy/RPG game and is available as an early-access release.  Nekro may not be fully complete, but let’s take a look to see how the game plays out so far.

Off the bat, I noticed the colorful array of visuals along the well-detailed background as you engage in a gameplay involving that of a resource management but set in a different type of world.  You play as the necromancer who you will use to summon a variety of minions and demons.  They do have their weaknesses, so the key is to determine the proper combination and timing of your summons.


Nekro has different classes, each with their own sets of attributes and skills. There is also an upgrade system which occurs after each level.  Here, you can improve on your necromancer in terms of health, magic, or damage. Additionally, there are new minions to be unlocked and upgraded using the game’s currency, called Sin, which can be discovered throughout each level. The anticipation of acquiring new types of demons is exciting and is wait got Nekro to build on its replay value.

Loading times are adequate especially with the level restarts, which turn out to be pretty fast.  I must say that Nekro is mighty challenging to begin with.  If you charge on mindlessly in a battle, you’re not going to succeed considering that your opponents are pretty strong.  The ideal way to approach this is by first scouting without having to face more than two enemies at once.

Considering how Nekro is presented in a cartoon-style with some dark humor, you shouldn’t be surprised with all the exploding body parts and such.  The underlying tone is meant to be tongue-and-cheek, but it can be pretty gruesome at times.  Still, it does have enough to keep you from looking away despite the so-called violence.


As mentioned earlier, Nekro is currently available for early access on Steam as we speak. It does have plenty of challenges and appeal.  So if you are into this type of RPG and action mix coupled with the type of humor as I just described, then you’ll want to check this out on your PC.


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