Square Enix Announces Secret of Mana Remake

Secret of Mana


On their Twitter, Square Enix has announced a 3D remake of Secret of Mana.

The new game will launch on PC(Steam), PS Vita, and PlayStation 4 worldwide on February 15th, 2018. Featured above, you can view the game’s announcement trailer.

Square Enix promises the remake to feature completely 3D high-definition graphics and fully voiced events.  Square Enix promises to keep the magic and charm of the original, as well as including new features like improved gameplay, and an arranged musical score.

Secret of Mana was originally released for the Super Nintendo back in 1993. It follows the tale of Randi, Primm, and Popoi as they journey through an evil empire with the hopes of reclaiming the power of Mana, and restoring order to the world.

Pre-orders on the PlayStation Store include a Moogle Suit (from Final Fantasy) character costumes for Randi, Primm, and Poppoi, as well as a “Tiger Two-Piece” costume for Primm, “Tiger Suit” costumes for Randi and Popoi, and three PlayStation Network avatars. Pre-orders and first-week buys on Steam include the  all three costumes, and a downloadable wallpaper.

This announcement comes a few months after the release of the Mana Trilogy in Japan for Nintendo Switch. The series could be seeing its much deserved resurgence.

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