BitBoy!! Arcade (3DS)

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Responsive controls | Plenty of challenging levels and objectives | Nice 3D effects

Intro is pretty long

If you played the WiiWare game called Bit Boy!!, you may be happy with the fact that its sequel has finally made it to the Nintendo 3DS. Titled Bit Boy!! Arcade, what makes this game pretty impressive is how the developer, Bplus, is essentially made up of one individual. That said, let’s see how much of an impact that this person can leave for players.

Now the story is kind of interesting with the intro being kind of lengthy. Nevertheless, it’s got some nice humor attached. You have the main character named Kubi who passes away. However, time is re-winded back before this event happens thanks to the Gear Wheel ZeLeLi. As such, the game developer redesigns the whole game in order to prevent Kubi from suffering the same fate. Then starts the adventure where Kubi is out to save his friends as well as his pixelated world.


As a puzzle platformer, BitBoy!! Arcade will have you going across level to level rescuing his friends. The game is made up of worlds, each consisting of three levels. On top of that, each level itself is made up of 20 phases. You have to move Kubi across the game, saving your friends and pixel flies to make progress in the game. At the end of the world, there is a boss encounter, which will have you going through 10 phase.

The interesting thing about BitBoy!! Arcade is how straight forward the objectives are. There are basically three goals you need to achieve. You’ll want to acquire a score of at least 300,000 points, save your friends while eliminating your enemies, and finally bring about 20 pixel flies. There isn’t necessarily an order you need to pull off these objectives. As long as you successfully do so, you’re good to go to the next phase.


Looking at how the controls work in BitBoy!! Arcade, it’s easy to move Kubi around with the use of either the d-pad or the face buttons on the Nintendo 3DS. Additionally, the movement is very responsive, which is vital considering that speed is a factor towards success in this game. To elaborate, in order to move faster, just simply press the necessary buttons as quickly as you can.  Therefore, if you want to get a high enough score to fulfill your objective, then you’ll want to have fast fingers to get a low enough time in order to get the optimal amount of points.

As you progress further in the game, the difficulty increases, which is expected obviously. The boss encounters are where the excitement really stands out. One interesting feature for this 3DS title is how you can use your play coins to continue. You see, if you end up with a game over, you’ll have to start the level all over from phase 1. But if you wish to continue from the last phase you left off, then you can use two play coins from your Nintendo 3DS.


Graphically speaking, BitBoy!! Arcade looks pretty trippy. It is pretty colorful and there is a great amount of detail incorporated to the game while still maintaining its simplistic look. But the 3D effects is where it really accentuates the visual quality that BitBoy!! Arcade has to offer. In terms of the sound effects, the voice acting is executed nicely while the soundtrack can be pretty soothing and catchy.

BitBoy!! Arcade is a nice little game that you should check out for your Nintendo 3DS. For $7.99 at the eShop, this particular title has a decent presentation while offering plenty of challenges in a variety of pixelated flavors.


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