Crazy Kangaroo (3DS)

6.8 Overall Score
Controls: 7/10
Content: 6/10
Gameplay: 7/10

Simple yet addictive gameplay | Choice of control methods

A little light on the content | Gameplay can grow old in time

It appears that games that made their appearances on the smartphone is not showing up in the Nintendo 3DS. You’ve got Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, and Plants vs Zombies that are being included in this portable console’s game library. Well now it should be of no surprise since Gamelion Studios have released Crazy Kangaroo, which too was originally for the smartphones. But in this situation, you have the game presented in the glory of 3D!

Crazy Kangaroo stars Barney as he tries to escape the hunters as they are trying to capture their prize.  The game is presented in a top-down perspective in which case you maneuver Barney from one platform to another without landing into the water. Since he jumps non-stop, you’ll have to time your movement accordingly to make it to safety each time. And of course, you shouldn’t forget the hunters that are coming from behind (or bottom of the screen). Along the way are stars that you can collect to add to your score.

Crazy Kangaroo for the Nintendo 3DS allows you to choose what control scheme you want to use. You can control Barney using the analogue pad or the portable console’s gyroscope. The accuracy and responsiveness are pretty good no matter what you choose. But if you want to be able to enjoy the same gameplay as that in the smartphone, then you’ll want to use the gyroscope.

When you start up the game, you also have the choice of mode: either stages or endless. Stages is your typical platforming session while endless will test your skills to see how long you last. Either way, you’ll encounter power-ups that will aid you either getting a better score or surviving longer. For instance, you can get a magnet which helps you to gather the stars without being in contact with them, up those stars. There is also an item that allows you to travel temporarily without fear of drowning. Additionally, you can earn currency depending on how you perform and the objectives you achieved. As a result, you can buy upgrades that will affect how much these particular power-ups show up.

These sort of things give players incentive to play through the challenges one after another since there are rewards in the end. On top of that, when you consider how much currency you can get from performing exceptionally well, Crazy Kangaroo gets players crazy with addiction. Of course, this can grow old in time. The arrangements of the platforms are generated randomly which means that every single session is unique. Nevertheless, it still can feel repetitive because, in retrospect, you’re constantly hopping around and collecting items all while avoiding danger.

The cartoon style behind this game is what gives Barney his charm. Graphically speaking, Crazy Kangaroo manages to stay friendly-looking as well as interesting with all its color arrangements. The character are well designed with the particular art style used in this game. And to top it off, the 3D effects do work well in this case. Seeing Barney leap upwards seems like he’s jumping out of the screen towards you. And because of this, it makes it easier to time when he’s about to descend. The sound effects and music may not necessarily make as much leaps and bounds as Barney himself. But it works well as a package here.

Crazy Kangaroo is available in the Nintendo eShop for a decent price of $3.99. The concept is easy to grasp while the choice of control scheme gives you autonomy on how you want to play. But looking beyond these features, Crazy Kangaroo is not meant to be played for a long period of time. Otherwise, it can lose its flavor and charm. Therefore, players who seek variety may not find that this game will best suit them. However, for those who care for simplistic yet challenging gameplay, then there should be enough craziness to keep them feel interested with Barney’s antics.


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