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Killzone is a first-person shooter that was made exclusively for the Playstation 2 back in November 2004.  Then after the Playstation 3 was released, a sequel was released in February 2009 followed by Killzone 3 which made its appearance two years later.  Now, the first Killzone will now be available in high definition along with the second and third games bundled together into what they call the “Killzone Trilogy.”

In terms of the story, there is a war between the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance (ISA) and the Helghast taking place on both of their planets. In the beginning (as in the first game), you play as Jan Templar fighting against Emperor Scolar Visari.  In the next game, Visari’s death leads to rise of Jorhan Stahl in which case you assume control of Tomas Sevchenko to once again fight against his efforts.  Finally, in the latest Killzone, you continue on as the same hero as you face Admiral Orlock.

All games within the Killzone Trilogy play out really well as a marvelous first-person shooter. Having the option of using the Playstation Move controller makes the experience that much better.  Moving around and handling were pretty tight and easy to go through.  Considering how you’ll have to be constantly running for cover, you actually feel that you have complete control over your character. Additionally, shooting never felt more satisfying especially with such an effective button assignment.

Speaking to the graphics, Killzone HD looks mighty impressive with the background designs and texture improvements.  You’ve got things like the foliage and the snow that have made the environment pleasing and an absolute joy to look at.  While Killzone’s graphics was already impressive when it was released originally for the Playstation 2, in this case with the high definition treatment, the game never looked better.  On top of that, Killzone HD continues to run smoothly without any frame rate issues.

In Killzone 2, the style and appearance is different, thereby distinguishing this game from the previous and thus keeping the series fresh and interesting. The level structures and character models are still magnificent and well-designed.  Everything on screen actually blends in and seems surreal.  One noticeable impression is how the enemies with their glowing eyes appear as they attempt to wipe you out.  Their movement is fluid while the gaming action still remains running at a constant rate.

Lastly for Killzone 3, I find the graphics to be even more impressive with the graphical presentation fitting perfectly with the intended cold and dead environment.  The game looks gorgeous and beautiful nonetheless. The animation from the enemy movement and explosions help to make Killzone 3 a magnificent game to feast your eyes on.

What makes the Killzone series have its lasting appeal is its online mode.  Whichever game you choose from the trilogy, you’ll be able to engage in a competitive multi-player match with at least 16 players simultaneously.  In Killzone 3, you can engage in the Operations mode with a cinematic mini-campaign.  As an added bonus, you can play offline via split-screen co-op for two players.

All the games within the Killzone series will provide hours of entertainment on account of its engaging gameplay and awesome presentation that will leave you breathless.  As well, you get the added improvements and HD treatment for the first game which was originally released for the Playstation 2.  Hence, having these bundled in one nice package makes the Killzone Trilogy irresistible.  While the games in themselves may not be the best in comparison to other first person shooters, they still hold their value, especially as a Playstation 3 exclusive.  And the great things about the Killzone Trilogy package is that you also get all add-ons included for the second and third games, so you really can’t go wrong here.  You definitely don’t want to pass up this opportunity especially when included here are three phenomenal games that the Playstation 3 has to offer.


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