Lights, Camera, Party!

7 Overall Score
Presentation: 6/10
Content: 8/10
Longevity: 7/10

Various mini-games | Effective use of the Playstation Move features

Brief gameplay | Uninspiring voice acting from the host

Frima Studio brings an exclusive game for the Playstation Network called Lights, Camera, Party!  If you’re looking for a game that will allow you to party with friends using the Playstation Move, then you’ll want to look to this direction.  There’s a number of mini-games that uses not only the features of this special controller but also the Playstation Eye itself.

In Lights, Camera, Party!, you get to choose from the members of a family called the Funzinis.  The whole story behind this is that a satellite from a TV station has crash landed into their home.  The Funzinis must then engage in a game show and engage in various types of challenges.  With the prize being a brand new home, the family must be going bonkers.

Lights, Camera, Party! is colorful with all its wacky visuals.  The characters appear to be blocky and strange, but that just adds humor to the gameplay.  Meanwhile, the sound effects pull off what their supposed to do without leaving too much of an impression.  However, the host’s voice is where it can lose some inspiration.

In the main mode, you can have four players in total going through more than twenty mini-games.  Each of these differs in terms of objectives, theme and overall look.  The players take turn in facing a different mini-game.  Thus, every time you change Playstation Move controller to another player, there is a completely different challenge.  You get a new room to your house, which already has been destroyed, for each round you go through.

Instructions are provided before you begin a mini-game.  But at times, it can be hard to determine what you actually need to do.  And because there is a time limit, you won’t get the chance to figure out what’s really going on.  It may be possible that playing a couple mini-games can be confusing as the objectives keep changing.  Fortunately, there isn’t much complexity or involvement associated with each mini-game.  While some can be simple and sweet, others can really try your patience.

For example, some mini-games will require you to execute easy and straightforward motions in order to do such things as cutting the moon in half or pounding your chest.  So in this case, it becomes a measurement of how fast you can pull this off within the time limit.  In other mini-games, you need to control a cursor with the Playstation Move which can difficult when you really need steady hands to attain accuracy.

There is other integration with the Playstation Move used by Lights, Camera, Party! For instance, one mini-game will have you screaming up to a certain volume level.  Here, you don’t use the Playstation Move at all, but instead use the microphone on the Playstation Eye.  Also, there are mini-games where as the controller changes color you need to choose the corresponding color that you see on screen.

Lights, Camera, Party! has a few other modes, like the Challenge where you get a list of mini-games that have been unlocked.  In this case, you get to play on your own.  In addition, you have the Party Mode which pits you against seven other players as you compete across fifty mini-games.  This works in the similar fashion as the main mode where you take turns.  But the setting is different:  you can be passing the bomb to others waiting for it to explode or you can be playing in a lottery system.

Lights, Camera, Party! is great for those brief moments of entertainment when you got a group of friends over.  It only requires one Playstation Move controller to be enjoyed by everyone.  There are a lot of mini-games packed in here, but the amount of fun factor varies for each one.  If you are looking to party with the Move, you will want to pick up this decent Playstation Network game for $29.99.


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