Scarygirl: Not Scary At All

7.5 Overall Score
Graphics: 8/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Staying Power: 7/10

Solid platforming controls | A good story and memorable soundtrack

Sometimes the graphics look clunky | Low replay value

Scarygirl is an ingenious little platformer that was recently released. I’m generaly a fan a this genre of game, and Scarygirl did not disappoint me.

Scarygirl developed by TikGames and takes every element from a solid platforming game and slams it into one game. With a charming story to start with, the game will draw you in from the first time you hear the creepy, but refreshing narrator begin to tell you the story of how Scarygirl ends up with here adopted Octopus father named Blister. The story is not something that would rank up there with other landmark games, but in my opinion story is an important part of platformers. This story may not be the most gripping, but it does the game and the memorable characters justice. You find that the more you play the more you start to enjoy the environment as well as the title character and even come to care about situations.

The controls are solid and pretty responsive. This is so important with this game because like all great platforming games, the character must have some kind of defining ability to really stand out from the overcrowded genre. In the case of Scarygirl it’s not only her arms as her fighting hand can take multiple upgrades, but also the idea that she can use her arm as a make shift helicopter blade. The heli blade serves as what most would call a double jump in other titles like this one. The difference here is that it’s so implemented into the gameplay that you must master this ability in early levels because as you move through the game you find that it’s an important part of moving along. This is the only part of the controls that takes a moment to get used to as the combat feels familiar yet fresh. The game features an upgrade system that allows you to upgrade you arm with heavier weapons and attachments that will give Scarygirl better abilities. You can also buy extras. The boss fights in the game seem to be once again familiar but fresh. like all the other characters in the game the bosses are memorable and all have original approaches to winning.

Sound is the winning factor in this game in my opinion. Everything from the music to the sound effects are just right for the game you’re playing and seems to fit no matter what the situation. Once again part of the reason you come to care about the characters so much beside the narrator is because of the very mood setting sounds and music that you experience in the game. No matter what you’re doing or where your at in the game, it always seems to have just the right kind of tone set for you to be engulfed by what ever task is at hand. It’s by far better than the story graphics of the game. While in gameplay Scarygirl looks pretty good but when you happen t o hit a cinematic, the game graphics look aged and a bit clunky.

All in all Scarygirl is a solid platforming title that will easily demand 800 MSP. It seems to have a good amount of play time even though the replay may seems a little low unless DLC happens to be planned for the near future. It seems like the kind of game that even though while good and plenty of fun, if the game does not get some kind of support soon it may get covered up by upcoming promotions and huge titles. Like any other game I would suggest that you try the demo, but if you decide to go straight to the main event, I can tell you that Scarygirl will not disappoint.


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