Battle Princess of Arcadias

9.2 Overall Score
Presentation: 9/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Replay Value: 9/10

Beautiful graphics and wonderful soundtrack | Unique approach to side-scrolling action

Some players can get frustrated with the degree of challenge | Some voice acting can get annoying

Battle Princess of Arcadias is a Playstation 3 game released by NIS America where you take on a rule of Princess Plume. Your job is to protect the kingdom of Schwert from evil monsters. As you travel through all seven kingdoms, you will have a set of warriors to help you out.

One can say that Battle Princess of Arcadias has a unique quality to its gameplay. Considering how the game consists of side-scrolling action, you will need to ensure that you defend yourself in the right timing rather than just mindless button mashing. To illustrate, you’ll need to strategize how you want to defend, make use of your options and switch your characters. Otherwise, you’ll be overwhelmed with a growing number of enemies at an exponential rate.


Accompanying Princess Plume are three characters that players can bring into a basic battle. As mentioned earlier, they can be switched during the midst of the battle. When you are in the normal areas in the world, you will be able to move left to right as you fight against enemies that appear along the way.

But beware! Just as expected of a side-scrolling action game like Battle Princess of Arcadias, you will encounter enemy attacks from the air and below either within close as well as far distance. Because of this dynamics, determining the pattern of attacks from enemies is key towards successfully progressing through the game. However, it can get to the point of frustration as the battles can be more challenging than one can handle.


What makes Princess Plume interesting are how each character in your group have very different styles in terms of the weapons they hold as well as their attacks. And considering how each can be leveled up as you progress further in the game, the degree of involvement is pretty high to players. When gaining experience, this takes place with your currently selected character. Therefore, it’s a good idea to switch your characters around every so often. Otherwise, you’ll have only one character with high experience levels while others are just lacking.

The weapons in Battle Princess of Arcadias is also diverse in terms of the weapons offered. You have your traditional staffs and spears all the way to the gun and sword hybrid weapon. In addition, there are plenty of opportunities to upgrade weapons. This can be accomplished through various means, including the collection of loot and visiting the blacksmith.

Where Battle Princess of Arcadias really shines is during the boss battles. At this point of the game, your character is accompanied by 150 allies who all help you to attack and defend against the boss. The objective though is to defeat the boss without losing your entire unit. Luckily, you do have the option to retreat, rebuild, and join again if you feel that there isn’t any good progress happening during the fight. However, you run the risk of having your character face the boss alone temporarily.


Battle Princess of Arcadias really looks phenomenal when it comes to the graphics. The characters and environments are presented in a anime-cartoon like fashion. Thus, expect some cute and colorful artwork during your gameplay. As for the audio, the music is simply extraordinary as the tunes in the background help to bring up some excitement and enjoyment during battles. As such, the soundtrack can be catchy at times. The voice acting can get pretty annoying from some characters though. Thankfully, the game allows you to skip these scenes if you wish.

Battle Princess of Arcadias is a astounding Playstation 3 game that has charming characters and excellent gameplay. It can be tough at times, but overall, it’s one of those games that you cannot miss!


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