Dungeon Twister

7 Overall Score
Graphics/Audio: 7/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Stability: 6/10

Fun board game all in its video game glory | Decent visuals/sound

Some moments of freezing

Board games provides hours of fun especially since you have family members and friends involved.  The problem though is all the time and work you need setting the game up and cleaning them up when finished.  Thankfully, one board game, Dungeon Twister, is making it onto the Playstation Network which then means that your PS3 would be the one doing the work of the set up.

The game takes place on a grid where each square represents a particular section of the dungeon.  All these squares link to each other and form path or maze that can lead to multiple destinations, traps, and devices. Certain doors can be opened by certain character classes.  Your objective is to 5 points to win the game.  You earn a point every time you get your characters to the other end of the dungeon or eliminating your opponents. There are also bonuses if you meet certain criteria.  For instance, if you carry a treasure chest to the end of the dungeon, you’ll be awarded with extra points.

Within the Dungeon Twister board, there are various heroes, monsters and treasures that await you.  Each player gets cards that decipher how many spaces he or she can move in a given turn.  You can get armor and weapons that contribute to and affect your stats. Also, you can increase your turn with points while you can make bridges over traps with ropes.

If you’re unfamiliar with the rules, that’s ok.  Dungeon Twister provided you with a tutorial that consists of 20 lessons, which is pretty lengthy, in order to prepare you with the mechanics and system.  You also have the option to “activate help” if you don’t want to spend too much time in this tutorial mode.

As a board game, Dungeon Twister stands out with how its able to change the orientation of the rooms. As a result, what initially looks like a pathway to salvation can quickly change to one towards disaster.  This definitely adds a layer of excitement and uncertainty during the gaming experience.

There were some moments where Dungeon Twister does freeze during the game.  This can be very irritating when you’re reaching the end of the match only to have the game mess up on you. Hopefully there will be some patches released to address this issue.  Otherwise, it can really damper the whole experience.

Dungeon Twister manages to keep its replay value with the ability to play online against one other friend.  You can also play against the computer, but in this case, you may not find much of a challenge from your opponent.  Still, it’s nice to know that you’ve got options here.

Looking at the graphical aspect, Dungeon Twister looks pretty decent.  It may not necessarily make any breakthroughs in the visual department when looking at other games, but it’s acceptable.  Sometimes, it can be difficult to distinguish between characters.  The animation is actually quite fun to look at while the environments are stylized in a colorful fashion.  Shifting over to the audio, Dungeon Twister is populated with sounds of the characters attacking and rooms rotating, which helps to liven things up. But other than that, there isn’t much else that’s either memorable or leaves an impression.

If you’re already familiar with the original Dungeon Twister in its board game form, then having this adaptation over to the Playstation 3 should get you ecstatic. And those of you who aren’t familiar with the game need not fret as there’s always the tutorial to refer to. There are issues attached to Dungeon Twister, keeping it from being a perfect PSN title.  But if you’re wanting a board game without having to do the labor work of setting up, then this is definitely worth considering.


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