9 Overall Score
Presentation: 9/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Controls: 9/10

Challenges are lots of fun | Straightforward controls

Several hours to complete (so more levels please?)

If you don’t mind having your hands, eyes and ears undergoing challenges and sensory overload, then you got to check out PSN’s exclusive game, Dyad.  It’s essentially a tripped-out journey with some pretty sick music. On top of that, Dyad transitions from hand holding you to learn the basics to overwhelming you with some out-of-this-world challenges.  With the game being partially puzzle and partially arcade shooter, you get a good mix that’ll stimulate your brain cells.

You begin in Dyad controlling a light through a tube.  As you’re traveling, you’re dodging and avoiding collisions into other particles while attempting to grab hold of them. Doing so will get you a special ability or temporary kick-back depending on the kind of particle you encounter.  When you latch onto two blue particles in a row, this will give you a boost in speed. As you progress, getting attached to two identical particles will create a path that you can glide on, thereby speeding you up even further.

The control scheme couldn’t be even simpler as you’re just playing with two face buttons.  One is the X button for attaching onto and interacting with enemies and other objects as you travel through Dyad’s environments.   The square button then serves specific functions at certain times.  As well, you have a choice of using either the left analog stick or directional pad.  So essentially with the options you’re granted with, you really can’t go wrong in terms of picking up your controller and playing right away to achieve that high rating.

Dyad throws in a variety of new enemies and gameplay variation, which in turn have a different theme or look to it.  Now, when you do get into the groove of things, you’ll be whipping through Dyad in a matter of several hours.  There are 26 stages in total, each having three sets of objectives that contribute to your performance evaluation. Simply put, achieving all three objecties will get you’re the maximum star rating.  But you just need to get one star in order to unlock the next stage.

A great thing about Dyad is it caters to players who want to push themselves to be the best.  And what better way to do that than to have an online leaderboard to compare against others’ scores.  This very feature is what will allow Dyad to captivate players and have them coming back for me, even if they already completed the game.  Throw in each stage’s remix options that alter the overall impression and you have yourself some really high replay value.

Now looking at the graphics in this game, they may appear to be simple but that doesn’t mean that they lack stimulation.  In fact, Dyad offers quite unique special effects. The levels are presented as tunnels that are peppered with light particles that twinkle on screen.  The design is basically well executed when you have some crisp and solid color schemes all throughout.

Dyad also stimulates the ears with some really ecstatic music.  The electro tunes really complement the game’s visuals as it helps set the mood and tone.  Specifically, the particular song’s speed changes depending on how fast or slow your light is going through the tunnels.  In addition, attaching onto other light particles also add elements to the background tunes.  In other words, you begin the game with some barebone tunes.  As you progress further and make chain attachments and combos, you’ll hear added beats and effects to the music, making the experience more uplifting and exciting.

At the end of the day, Dyad sports an impressive and psychedelic presentation that’ll arouse your senses.  But at the same time, it offers simplicity in controls and look to keep things from being intimidating.  This is one PSN exclusive game worth $14.99 that’s filled with some trippy and exhilarating content to “die” for.


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