Hunter’s Trophy 2

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3/10
Graphics: 3/10
Sound: 4/10

Sounds are good | Two player split screen

Boring gameplay | Too long to pregress through the game

Hunter’s Trophy 2 is a FPS hunting game developed by Kylotonn Entertainment and in a genre that is few and far between, this game really needs to show something special and unfortunately Hunter’s trophy does not bring anything to the table.

This game had all the elements that it needs to deliver a solid experience, but just never gets there. For every great thing, there seems to always be something to cancel it out. For example the game has a solid leveling system, but until you can level your character up the game will drive you crazy with the slow pace and make you not want to continue playing. The gun control on the game is almost unbearable at the beginning of the game and never really gets great, but does become tolerable after leveling your character up. Another one of these positive/negative things that drag the game down is the game makes you creep along with several boring and challenging hunts that you must do to evolve to other areas to hunt.

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The graphics are close to on par with other hunting games, but once again just falls short by not really meeting the cut. Textures are rough and look just as bad as the kind of animals you get to hunt. The games does well with sound though. The guns sound good and realistic and the prey in each hunt make believable sounds. Each slow and boring step you take even has sounds as well as hiding blind among other things. The game features two player local play and features leaderboards.

The game has next to no replay time. For my personal experience I was lucky to get though it one time much less anymore. Some people may find that it has plenty, but with most any game it’s a personal preference as to how much you play the game.

I think in the end Kylotonn tried to go for an old school hunting game feel and that might just be the problem. The game has new school features like leveling and progression, but a play style that only rivals the old school PC hunting games from the late 90’s. All in all Hunter’s Trophy is not a great game by any means, but in a limited genre of sub par games this game may just meet the approval of fans of the genre, but that’s the one positive of this game being on XBLA. You can download a demo first.


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