Little Big Planet VITA

9.9 Overall Score
Presentation: 10/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Content: 9/10

Effective controls | Ability to share level creations online | Excellent graphical and sound implementations

Story mode may seem a bit shorter to some people

Little Big Planet has left quite an impression ever since its release back in October 2008.  As a Playstation 3 exclusive, this was one of the games that gave players reason to own this particular video game console.  Then there came the sequel as well as the PSP version with completely different stages and content, not to mention the various add-on content that has been released on an ongoing basis.  With this being a straightforward platformer that can be enjoyed with others through online or local, players seem to be charmed by the game’s antics.  On top of that, there’s also the ability to create your own levels, thereby leading an endless number of possibilities to enjoy Little Big Planet.  Well now, the series have taken off once again with its release for the Playstation Vita.  And once again, Little Big Planet has expanded its horizons even further!

For a little background story, you assume control Sackboy as he ventures into the world of Carnivalia. Suddenly, the evil “Puppeteer” has come into the picture to be the dark ruler.  In fact, he has changed the residents into faceless beings called “Hallows.”  So now, it is up to you to help Sackboy to free them from the “Puppeteer’s” reign of terror and bring the world back to happiness.  Such a cute and adorable story is what makes Little Big Planet Vita to be as compelling and enjoyable as the other games within the series.

Packed in this Little Big Planet Vita’s package are 40 levels spanning across 5 different locations.  Consistently, you’ll notice the change in environments, obstacles, and enemies.  Such changes are what make keeps Little Big Planet Vita from growing old. As you dive in, you’ll be engrossed with each new level you gain access to.  There are various items to unlock which will allow you to dress up your Sackboy as well as design your own levels.  As you progress further, the challenges do get a bit tougher.  Some players may feel that length of this story mode should be a bit longer.  Thankfully, there is the arcade area where you can play additional mini games.  In this case, the gameplay is different from your typical platformer offered in Little Big Planet.  Hence, the experience continues to be satisfying and enjoyable, even after you’re done with the story.

The mechanics and gameplay system behind Little Big Planet Vita is consistent to the previous games of the series.  However, there are also additional features that help to enhance the fun factor.  Taking advantage of the Vita’s capabilities, the game lets you move objects with a simple touch and swipe of your finger against the screen.  Additionally, you’ll be able to push or pull objects within the background using both the touch screen and rear touchpad. The gyroscope is also being utilized to allow for some intuitive controls.  Such inclusions is what makes playing with the Vita that much more pleasant and uplifting.

Part of the Little Big Planet experience is the ability to create your levels and share them with the online community.  So it’s important that this process is as easy and seamless as possible.  In this case with the Vita, the touch screen and rear touchpad capabilities allow this level creation procedure to be easier than on the Playstation 3 console itself.  In fact, I find it more effective than using the Playstation Move controller, which is already impressive in the first place.  And as always, being able to play the stages created by other players is what maintains Little Big Planet’s influence and charm.

What also makes this Vita game attractive and outstanding is the fact that you can play online with three other players.  Whether you’re playing the story mode or the community stages, you’ll get to help each other get those additional items and unlock more stages.  This is what builds up the community:  the sharing and the cooperating aspects.  And with the Vita, you can even engage in a competitive match with another player all on this single portable device!

And as always, Little Big Planet Vita continues to impress with its effective incorporation of the graphics design.  There isn’t too much clutter and sensory overload which makes the view easy on the eyes.  At the same time, the intricate amount of detail placed on all aspects of the game from the background to the characters themselves is astounding.  In fact, this is one of the best-looking Vita games I’ve seen by far!

To add the cherry on top, Little Big Planet Vita continues to offer the delightful and friendly music that is appropriate to players of all ages.  Adding humor and some craziness are the gibberish coming from all characters within the game.  Every now and then, I find myself chuckling over the silly voices. So not only does this Vita game look just as magnificent as the console versions, it also brings a smile, especially with the audio being all happy and cheerful.

The Vita is an impressive piece of machinery with a lot of potential.  And what better way to demonstrate this than with an impressive game like Little Big Planet Vita.  In fact, it pretty much takes full advantage of the Vita’s capabilities and lets players feel proud of their portable device.  Both the graphics and audio design have been executed very successfully while the controls contribute to the terrific gameplay.  Also, the possible releases of future add-ons will prolong the game’s longevity further.  Whether you’re seeking some platforming action or want to fulfill your creativity with the level designs, there’s an endless amount of content and possibilities waiting for you to enjoy in Little Big Planet Vita.


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