7.8 Overall Score
Graphics: 7/10
Music: 8/10
Creativity: 8/10

Upbeat music | Interesting incorporation of RTS and rhythm-based mechanics

May not be suitable for hardcore RTS players | Graphical textures not as detailed

If you’re seeking to test out your musical skills, then look no further as a new Playstation Vita game has been released to fulfill your pleasures. Specifically, Orgarhythm is a mix between rhythm and real-time strategy. This marriage of genres is what makes this particular game stand out from the rest as this has not been done before, that is until now.

In Orgarhythm, you assume control of a god who has the ability to command the three warrior classes (fire, water, and earth) who will be accompanying you and engage in battle. Every level will have your character moving automatically as you make your way into a boss battle. At the end, you’ll receive a ranked based on a number of aspects during your gameplay, including tapping rate and maximum combos achieved.

The three different warrior classes differentiate from each other through color (red, yellow and blue). Certain warriors will be able to fight off against enemies of certain colors. Throughout the game, you’ll be making selections by tapping onto the screen according to the beat of the music. After you select the class, you’ll have options to execute attacks. While some may be readily available from the start, others are unlocked later on. These include ground attacks, archery, catapulting, and sacrifices. Once you make the specific choice, you just simply need to draw a line on the area on the screen in which you want them to attack.

The boss battles at the end of each level put up quite a challenge, thereby getting players on the tip of their toes. Besides performing basic attacks, players can execute special moves depending on the meter that fills up during the battle. To elaborate this, these include the ability to add strength, improve your defense, and conjure a powerful lightening attack.

Orgarhythm consists of 12 levels which get progressively more difficult. Each level also allows you to choose your difficulty settings. However, the harder difficulty needs to be unlocked by completing normal. Hence the longevity and replay value is evident in Orgarhythm. However, the overall experience is a mixed bag depending on who’s playing and what they’re expectations are. Players who are already accustomed to the traditional mechanics of a real-time strategy may view such things as the limited autonomy of your characters’ movements to be detrimental. However, for others who love rhythm-based gaming will enjoy the activity of tapping on the screen for certain commands all while trying to be in synchronization with the music’s beat.

The audio is a major factor that guides the game’s opportunity for success and appeal. There were some situations where the frequency of the beats changes all of a sudden, thus, disrupting the game momentarily. But this happens in small portion of the Orgarhythm. Listening to the background, you get some nice tracks consisting of club, tribal and techno music. How much enjoyment players get from the audio depends mainly on their taste of music.

In terms of the graphics, Orgarhythm may not necessarily be the best looking game. The textures do lack some polish and look a bit rough on the edges. However, the character on screen look so small that the limited detail in terms of texture shouldn’t be an issue. That being said, with all the characters moving to the music (so basically they’re dancing), Orgarhythm constantly runs at a smooth rate.

This hybrid incorporation between rhythm and real-time strategy is a mixed bag here. As a result, the amount of enjoyment one can get heavily relies on the type of individual playing. If you’re looking for a musical type of game with a unique twist, then look no further as this Playstation Vita game is available for $29.99. Regardless, Orgarhythm is special enough that it deserves to be tried out and experienced at the very least.


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