Rokh (PC Early Access) Review

5 Overall Score
Presentation: 6/10
Gameplay: 4/10
Content: 3/10

Neat Idea | Cheap Price

Shallow Gameplay | Riddled with bugs | Frame Rate Issues | Early Access | Long Load Times

For the sake of full disclosure, A review code was provided for this game. 


An Early Access Review

Rokh is an interesting title on Steam’s Early Access platform. The premise of Rokh is being crashed on mars and having to craft and survive in a multiplayer environment. These space exploration and crafting games have always been very appealing to me. I love the idea of being alone on a planet and surviving on what I can find. Can this cool premise make this the next multiplayer experience?


When it comes to graphics, Rokh is in that middle ground I can’t really complain about or praise. The textures and models look okay, but nothing to write home about. The coolest effect I saw in game was the sporadic meteor showers that peppered the surface of Mars from time to time. (These in turn caused a severe frame rate drop, but were still very cool to look at and provided a rare moment of immersion)

One thing that was very confusing and very user-unfriendly was the User Interface. The menu’s were very ugly, clunky, and often didn’t stop you from interacting with the environment around you. This is a basic game design flaw, and it really escapes me how the Dev team missed that.


This is where the game should really shine, but sadly it’s just as dim as the world around it. Gameplay in Rokh feels like it should be there and be fun, but it just isn’t. Like it isn’t yet complete (Which technically it isn’t.). A lot of the crafting is convoluted, confusing, and just plain ugly to do. It takes all the fun out of it, and you never quite know what you are doing. Usually, I love games with crafting and survival like this, but this is just far too clunky to be enjoyable.


Rokh is a little sparse on the content as well. There really isn’t much to keep you going. The only thing that kept me playing was the exploration, but I couldn’t even do that like I wanted cause of the need to hunt for oxygen, battery packs, and other things just to keep the game going. I can certainly see the  game getting more content as development continues, but as of now it is as shallow as shallow gets.


All in all, Rokh is a game I cannot recommend. Sitting at $25 in early access with all these bugs, slow load times, and poor design choices, I can’t recommend it. The game was clearly rushed to an early access release when it really isn’t ready. This game has potential, but as of right now is a shell of what it could be. Hopefully in a year I will be re-reviewing this game with higher marks once it becomes an actual game, but for now I can’t say it is worth your time, money, or attention.


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