The Witch and The Hundred Knight

8.1 Overall Score
Presentation: 8/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Content: 8/10

Great artwork and character designs | Interesting battle system

Missing tutorials | Camera issues can lead to frustration during battles

Even if we have ushered into the age of the next-generation consoles, there’s still lots of love for the Playstation 3.  Because of NISAmerica, we are continuing to see a whole bunch of games to bring this particular console to life again.  Most recently, we have The Witch and The Hundred Knight coming into the picture.  It is about a blob named the Hundred Knight, who happens to be under the control of a witch named Metallia.

There isn’t much depth when it comes to the plot.  Still, the cut scenes are plentiful and can leave mixed feelings amongst players.  Some may find it long and tedious to go through, especially during gameplay.  Others may be delighted by the antics and humor behind the dialogue. 


Regardless, The Witch and The Hundred Knight is all about the witch wanting to expand on the swamp on which she rules on.  With the help of this blob, she’ll be able to carry this out whenever the pillars located all around the world have been tampered with.  Considering that this game is a mix of RPG and action, you get a great deal of hacking and slashing goodness, especially when you can possess up to five weapons at once.

The Witch and The Hundred Knight does not give much opportunity to allow yourself to be acquainted with its control scheme.  There are no tutorials to provide you aid whatsoever.  But still, once you get used to things, pulling off combos are pretty easy and fantastic.  Quickly, you’ll find yourself getting involved with and engaged in understanding the battle system as well as the three unique attributes particular to each weapon type. 


One main thing that makes The Witch and The Hundred Knight different is its gameplay system being implemented with what’s called the GigaCount.  To illustrate, every action that your Hundred Knight character takes, there will a counter that decreases initially from 100.  And once this GigaCount reaches zero, you’ll have to commence the whole battle once again.  It’s an interesting take towards this RPG type of gameplay as it forces players to be careful in how they execute their strategies against their enemies.  Rather than making mindless decisions, one will have to consider the implications of their actions every time.

Unfortunately, the game is plagued with camera issues, thus leading to plenty of frustrating situations.  Imagine having to tackle on enemies only to have parts of the environment obstruct your view.  It actually can be serious enough to hinder your success during battles.   


Luckily, in regards to the difficulty level behind The Witch and The Hundred Knight, there is a constant and gradual trend in terms of amount of challenge being thrown in.  There aren’t an excessive number of enemies that will make the gameplay overwhelming.  But at the same time, there are enough of them to at least keep things lively and enjoyable.

Looking at the game’s presentation, The Witch and The Hundred Knight looks as great as expected from the works of NISAmerica.  Anime style is what you get from a game like this.  The characters have been graphically optimized with its high quality while the environments look polished.  As for the audio department, the music gives enough excitement to get players to continue on the game with enthusiasm.  The voice acting along with the sounds is implemented with top-notch quality as well as some great amusement that will tickly your funny bone.


The Playstation 3 remains kicking with life on account of the efforts by NISAmerica, especially with The Witch and The Hundred Knight.  Considering that you can get this game either from the Playstation Store or through your local retail store, it’s one of those that should be strongly considered for anime-game fans.  For others, you’ll still want to give this a try as it offers quite a bit of humor and action to keep you entertained.


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