Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide

9.5 Overall Score
Presentation: 10/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Originality: 9/10

Awesome graphics and visual effects | Fun multiplayer action | Engaging story

Enemies appear to be skin changeover from Left4Dead2

My first entry into the world of Steam was actually Left4Dead 2, and that was because my friends kept hounding me to get in on the online multiplayer. So I caved in and I must say that it was quite the experience that even developed the friendship into another level. But you can only play the same type of game for so long before you start to yearn for some diversity. So I ventured out to other game titles that could potentially fulfill the same experience I had. Not to say that they weren’t fun, but it wasn’t the same, that is until I came across Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide. It was here that I got to experience the story in a different setting altogether, with new set of weaponry all in the glory of online multiplayer fun. It’s unfortunate that by now, a few of my friends have parted ways from gaming. Nonetheless, Vermintide has turned out to be the title I was looking for.

For a little background story, you have these creatures known as the Skaven that has come to bring mankind into extinction. Luckily we have a group of heroes (who you will control) from various background coming to battle these foes. You can choose from five characters, each having their own set of attributes and weaponry.

Controls work very well when you use the keyboard and mouse. This is important considering an FPS title like Vermintide. There are quite a few buttons to map out, but once you get this all set up, you’re good to go. Movement and viewing seem very responsive with high degree of accuracy.

The multiplayer aspect is what really makes Vermintide shine. Up to three additional players can drop in and out with you. But if you don’t have friends available, these characters will just simply be controlled by the computer AI.

Just like Left4Dead 2, the characters will yell out to each other whenever they encounter items and even your foes. There are also various objectives to keep the gameplay interesting and lively, rather than just run across the map from point A to B. When transitioning to the next mission, players have the opportunity to choose and change the weapons and items. This is important since weapons can have specific abilities and even add damage to enemies.

The enemies themselves are plentiful and follow in the same vein again as Left4Dead 2. That said, I can’t help but feel that that Vermintide is just employing a different skin over an existing creation. The reason I state this is that some of the behaviours and actions that the enemies execute in Vermintide are very similar to those from Left4Dead 2. So consequently, players may not find this game that much unique if it weren’t for the higher quality aspects of this game. Nonetheless, this is easily dismissed if you just let yourself be taken away from the excitement and adventure that this title has to offer.

Graphically, Vermintide is looking very clean and very appealing. The textures are smooth and the colors are plentiful. A variety of visual effects also keep the whole experience enthralling while the audio implementations really get players immersed into the battling environment. You can really hear the swords slicing through the flesh and the bones cracking continuously. Just beautiful!

Apart from the notion that Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide resembles quite a bit with Left4Dead2, it is still an epic title that you HAVE TO include to your Steam library. The action is heavy, the presentation is top-notch, and the presence of online multiplayer allows the fun to be shared amongst friends. This is definitely a Steam title to remember.


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