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By Eric Baumgardner, February 9, 2012 3 Events, jggh

This map was a huge hit during our last event. This map also has kind of an interesting history that makes it even better that we’re able to feature it one more time. When I made this map right after… Read More »

By Eric Baumgardner, February 7, 2012 0 Events, jggh

Compound: Valid is our Big Team Battle map. 8v8 on a very large and open map. It’s not a stretch to say that this map is the largest map that will be featured in the event. There are several things… Read More »

By Eric Baumgardner, February 6, 2012 0 Events, jggh

Today we have the second preview of a map that will be featured in our upcoming fifth Community Playdate on February 10. The map is Shallow Grave. A 6v6 slayer map that was used in our previous Playdate. The map… Read More »

By Eric Baumgardner, February 4, 2012 0 Events, jggh

It has become almost tradition that when we have a Xbox Community Playdate we play some version of Prizeball. We started it 2 events back and this is now our fifth event. In previous events the idea has been that… Read More »

By Eric Baumgardner, February 2, 2012 7 Events, jggh

Friday Feb 10 we will be holding our 5th Official Xbox Community Playdate. We will be playing Halo: Reach. We will be playing several custom maps that have been made especially for the event. One of these maps will be… Read More »

By DntMessWitRohan, January 3, 2012 74 jggh

The developing team at Monkey Paw Games strives to connect different cultures within the world of gaming. They bring the eastern world and mix it with the western side with great retro games such as Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty,… Read More »

Flamingo Field: Revealed

By Bryce Jenkins, April 1, 2011 0 Contests, Events, jggh

A few posts ago, junegore revealed Compound: Valid and said it was the last map we were unveiling for tonights Playdate. He was wrong, but only because he asked me a question last night. So I’m here to show you… Read More »

Compound: Valid Revealed

By Eric Baumgardner, April 1, 2011 0 Contests, Events, jggh

The fourth and final jggh Custom map made especially for our playdate. Made by xDFx Skeletor and tweaked and detailed by myself, Chainer Cygnus and bdar5k. The map is appropriately named after it’s creator. It’s a pretty large scale map… Read More »