Tim Speedle: Victim of bad timing

So some of you may remember last December when my console ate it with the famous E74 error (incorrectly referred to as a RROD in that forum posting).  Well Microsoft announced in April that they were extending all the warranties to 3 years for all E74 errors, I was stoked.  I would be able to send in my old console (Speedle’s a packrat, and never throws away potentially useful items) and get a free repair, and have a spare console to give to my kids.

So today I finally get around to filling out the form online, and it tells me that the price will be $99 for the repair.  Sensing shenanigans, I called up support, and got someone who spoke English, but was ultimately an airhead incapable of comprehending questions and providing answers.

See, here’s what happened.  I bought my first console in March 2006.  3 years after that would be March 2009.  My console ate it in December 2008 (during the 3 year window), but at the time it was a non-covered under warranty issue, so I didn’t send it in.  The accouncement of extending the warranty came in the middle of April 2009, so even if I had sent it in the day they announced it, I was still outside my 3 year window.

I’ll try calling back tomorrow and see if I can get someone intelligent enough to explain the situation to and try to make some progress, but it looks like I’m still stuck with a paperweight.


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