Gamestop to start selling DLC in store?

Next year, GameStops across the US will begin testing a new service whereby gamers can buy DLC not online, but in a store, then take it home with them. It’s called the “Missing The Point” program.

Explaining the move, GameStop COO Paul Raines told Reuters “A large market for full game downloads is not imminent, (but) the add-on downloadable market will grow”.

Here’s how they figure they can help cash in. Backed by both Microsoft and Sony (no word on Nintendo as of yet), this isn’t some fancy scheme where you can buy DLC on a disc. You’re buying it from GameStop, then when you get home, you still have to download it. Saving you from having to do…

In my opinion this is STUPID!!! I mean cmon you still have to connect to the internet on your system and download it. Its like twice the work. Let me know what your take is on this?


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