Affiliates Gaming Event

Our next gaming event will be with all of our afiliates. Whoever would want to play MW2 would send myself a message “Strictly Savage” and everyone that would not be able to get on MW2 could go with Eric “Junegore” B on Halo 3 for some custom games. Both Halo 3 and Mw2 will be fun and Eric and myself will be communicating all throughout the event. We will bounce ideas off each other if needed and note how many people came and have sent messages.

Im thinking I take gamermilk to Modern Warfare 2 and Sisters for Gaming could go with Eric to Halo 3. Now that wouldnt limit someone from SFG coming to MW2 to play and vice versa for gamermilk.

I do not have a set date but I want this event to get out there. We need the word to get around for this event to be successful.  Others in the past have been ok but they were spur of the moment in such I want this event to be well planned out and very successful. No I did not just throw the last couple of gaming events together I am just stating I want this event to be more successful then the last.

Contact Strictly Savage(Myself) or Junegore(Eric) for any details I may have left out.

Think. Live. Game.


Doug Kuhn, Event Director


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