X-Men Arcade: Review

I can fondly remember being 13 years old standing in a local grocery store with my cousin as him and I were playing X-Men. I was Wolverine and he was Nightcrawler. I remember it being so much fun that when I was getting ready to review the port of this game for the XBLA, I was pumped to say the least.


When I first started playing this game it was almost like my brain was directly hit with a overdose of nostalgia. That lasted for about 5 minutes before I was looking for something else to keep me interested. Not saying the game is a bad experience, just that something so simple and repetitive can be boring now compared to over 15 years ago. Truth of the matter is that it did not take long to find something to keep me playing. The 6 played online co-op in the game is just a blast. It always is a blast to play with 6 people in such a close environment, especially in a side scroller. Because the game has unlimited continues and no penalties for dieing you will constantly find people that will die on purpose so they can refill their mutant powers. It basically leads to the game being very broken and turns out to be pretty dull unless you get in a room of friends.

The game is not super long and can be ran through pretty quick. There are varied difficult levels that will increase your play time depending on what difficulty you pick. Other than that the replay is not going to be very good considering that pretty much everything you can do on the game will get repetitive very quick. The achievements on the game are kind of varied as well. Some you will get from game progression the others will require you to do certain task while playing. It’s not the fact that I was disappointed with this game, but for the 800 MS point price it carries, this game seems just not to deliver.

All in all the game can be enjoyable and it makes a good addition to the XBLA. With a low replay value and a rinse and repeat game play experience 800 MS points may be a tough sale for lots of gamers.


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