Transforming D-Pad Controller: Review

If you remember correctly I published an article on the Transforming D-Pad Controller speaking on how the whole idea was pointless. Well, I may have been a victim of my own curiosity or just had to try and prove myself right. Either way I dropped the money to buy one and I can tell you, I do not regret it.


Taking the controller out of the package the first thing I noticed was that it felt some what different. The plastic feels more grainy that older 360 controllers. Obviously the first thing I done on the controller was transform the D-Pad. Works like a dream and feels sturdy. So the first thing I done was crank up Super Meat Boy. I thought if this controller was made for platformers and fighting games this game would be the perfect test for the controller. As stupid as it sounds I had 100% more control over the character with the d-pad in it’s raised position.

I also tested it on Contra, Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 and Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Remix. All games the new d-pad is a great addition on the controller and should probably be the default for all future 360 controllers. I also noticed the more concaved analog sticks and thought that I would give them a test run while playing Reach.


At first they where really kind of hard to get a feel for. When I finally did get used to the different feeling under my thumbs, it to is just great. Between the different feel of the plastic and the new analog sticks you really feel like you have a more firm control on the movements you make. The $65 price tag is not that bad either when you look at what you are packaged with. It comes with a play and charge kit, a rechargeable battery and the controller. Not bad at all.

In the end this gamer takes pack all the things I said about the controller. It’s worth the buy and as far as Official Xbox controllers, this is the one to pick from now on.


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