Retro Event: Burnout: Paradise

Oh how I’ve waited to write these words. When jggh first started back in 2008, we were a small group of gamers that played pretty much nothing bu Burnout. Since then we have expanded to be more, but I and a few original members here still love Burnout and always jump on the chance to play it.


Another interesting fact about us is that we were inspired by Ironworks Gaming Crew to try to have our very first Xbox Community Playdate. Today it gives the great pleasure to announce that jggh and IGC has come together for this Retro event.

On Saturday May 21, we will dust off our game disk and start the joy of tearing up Paradise City once again on the Xbox 360. The festivities will start at 10 PM Est. and will continue until we just can’t play anymore. You can check out IGC and check out their forum topic on this event here.

I thought I would throw a couple of videos up from our previous glory days. Give them a watch and have fun!

Fast Tube by Casper

Fast Tube by Casper


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