Preview: Compound: Valid

Compound: Valid is our Big Team Battle map. 8v8 on a very large and open map. It’s not a stretch to say that this map is the largest map that will be featured in the event.

There are several things that make this map fun and challenging. This map was made by a former staff member and named after him as well. It has had minor changes made, but the map remains mostly the same. The amount of ground that has to be covered is pretty huge and the core of the map is small and if people are caught in the middle you can expect a fight on your hands. Below you can find details on difficulty, rules and prizes.

Difficulty: As stated above the most challenging aspect of the map is the size. It’s not the biggest map out there, but still pretty large. The interesting part of this map being this large, i that there are no vehicles on the map. So you’ll find the way to victory through finding the right weaons and having the right strategy.

Rules: The rules follow a standard Big Team Battle. The score goes to 75 and has two teams. The standard Red v Blue applies.

Prizes: To win a prize on this map, you must gain yourself an Overkill medal. For those of you who are not familiar with Halo, an Overkill is killing four enemies with-in four seconds of each other. If more than one person gets an Overkill then the prize will go to the player that had the best stats during the game.

Be sure to join in on the fun Friday February 10 at 8PM Est when we play Halo: Reach only on Xbox LIVE.


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