Capcom Developer Interviews

Each day of E3, Capcom’s community manager Shawn ‘Snow’ Baxter, has been hosting a livestream in a special little booth in the Capcom area of the convention centre. In these livestreams, he has been showing new trailers, chatting with the fans, showing us people playing games at the booth, and interviewing developers, and many other important people involved in Capcom games.

Snow recorded each of these interviews for our viewing pleasure, and the interviews for day one of E3 are up. These interviews feature: Jason Leigh – one of the leads for Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, Ono-San – the producer for Street Fighter X Tekken, Takenaka-san – a Resident Evil: Revelations developer, Ryan McDougal – one of the leads for Resident Evil: Mercenaries, and Jonathan Klein – the voice casting director for many of Capcom’s games.

All of the interviews are very interesting, and give you an insight into each of the games. You’ll probably hear some things you never knew about. All of the interviews from day one are up on Snow’s Capcom Unity blog here. And the interviews from day two should be up soon.

Today is the final day of E3, and so the final livestream. Snow has lined up many more developer interviews for today, and interviews with some of the attendees, so it should be very interesting. If you want to watch the livestream, and get your questions answered by the developers, you can watch and chat here. It all kicks off today at 12:30pm PST, I know I’ll be there.


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