Germany Gets Uncensored Gears 3!

German censorship board BPJM has passed the uncensored version of Gears of War 3 for a full, standard retail release in Germany. The version of Gears 3 sold in Germany will be identical to that sold in the US, and the UK. Both Gears 1 and 2 were both sold in Germany, however shops and sites were forced to keep the game out of sight, and any advertising, or marketing for the games was completely forbidden.

This is obviously great news for the country, as well as Epic games. Being unable to advertise a game, or show it readily to the public obviously had a big impact on sales for the game in Germany, but with Gears 3, it’s no doubt that Epic will see a massive increase for sales in Germany. I’m sure that this will contribute to Epic reaching their 6 million sales target for Gears 3.


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