Gears 3: RAAM’s Shadow DLC & Giveaway! [OVER]

December 13, the day that RAAM returned to the Gears of War franchise to retell his unfinished tale. The latest addition to Gears of War 3 adds three whole hours of prequel campaign content along with familiar multiplayer characters from Zeta squad (Lt. Minh Young Kim, Michael Barrick, Tai Kaliso and Alicia Valera) to play with along with a new chocolate skin for all 5 of your starter weapons.

Bringing back the untold legend from the Gears 1 era, RAAM’s Shadow tails Zeta squad around post-Emergence Day Sera. Not only will you be able to play as the COG soldiers but you can also take control of the head honcho RAAM himself!

The DLC pack is now available on the XBL Marketplace for $15 (1200 MS) or at no charge for folks with the Season Pass. Thinking about picking this up? Take a look at the jaw dropping release trailer for yourself.

As part of the launch of RAAM’s Shadow and with a big thanks to the amazing PR folks over at Epic Games, we will be giving away two codes for said DLC starting tonight and running through to Christmas Eve! 2 happy folks will emerge out of it all, but that doesn’t mean it is the end! There will be more reviews, more playdates, and of course more giveaways to come, so stay tuned!

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