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iGamer: Carton Wars

By Bryce Jenkins, October 13, 2009 4 Randomology

Welcome to the first iGamer Review.  Here I will be reviewing games for the iPhone/iPod Touch. This weeks review is for the game Cartoon Wars. Cartoon Wars is a linear “Arcade War Defense RTS” by Blue. Scenario: – In the… Read More »

EVE Online – Part 1

By Bryce Jenkins, October 9, 2009 2 Randomology

Hello, and welcome to my return to JGGH.  I am going to be doing a series of articles on a fantastic MMO called EVE Online.  This will probably end up being a very long series, as EVE is, well EVE…. Read More »

The Future of the JGGH Podcast

By Bryce Jenkins, March 19, 2009 0 Randomology

Well hello there folks.  Long time no see, or hear, or what-have you.  Regardless of that, I would like to inform you of some exciting and interesting things.  First off, the JGGH Podcast will resume production again soon.  For the… Read More »

Welcome Mechwarrior/Chromehounds Conversion

By Bryce Jenkins, November 30, 2008 Comments Off on Welcome Mechwarrior/Chromehounds Conversion Randomology

It is my distinct pleasure to announce the arrival of a new Clan to the site.  The clan is known as the Mechwarrior to Chromehounds Conversion Clan (MW/CH Conversion for short).  I am am member of this clan, and let… Read More »

This World of Ours: US Election '08 (Chromehounds Remix)

By Bryce Jenkins, October 20, 2008 4 Randomology

Here we have the inaugural edition of “This World of Ours”.  Following is an entirely fictional account of real events that haven't happened.  Also I will ensure that due to the somewhat sensitive nature of the topic of Politics that… Read More »

Presenting: This World of Ours

By Bryce Jenkins, October 16, 2008 Comments Off on Presenting: This World of Ours Randomology

Welcome, welcome. This is a little experiment I am working on. I hope it goes well. Imagine if you will, taking our favorite games, as well as the current world stage, and combining them. Wondering what exactly I am getting… Read More »

The JGGH Podcast and You

By Bryce Jenkins, October 2, 2008 Comments Off on The JGGH Podcast and You Randomology

Well, here I am again after more delays and lack of podcastery.  I have some sad news for you folks out there who like the podcast.  Due to scheduling conflicts as well as an increase in activities in both Colombiano… Read More »

Minicast 1 – Chainer's Random Corner

By Bryce Jenkins, September 22, 2008 2 Randomology

Well here we are again… More after the bump.