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The Schedule of the JGGH Podcast(s)

By Bryce Jenkins, September 20, 2008 Comments Off on The Schedule of the JGGH Podcast(s) Randomology

Well, didn’t think I would be writing you folks again so soon, but here I am.  After sitting down and getting some great feedback and constructive criticism from some people (which we are always open to and in fact, want… Read More »

JGGH Podcast Ep 4 – A New Hope

By Bryce Jenkins, September 17, 2008 6 Randomology

Here it is, the newest installment of the JGGH podcast, now with double the voices in your head. No show notes, because well, you can google can’t you? Thanks for the patience. Edit: The song at the end can be… Read More »

Coming soon to speakers near you…

By Bryce Jenkins, September 6, 2008 2 Randomology

Yes, it is almost Podcast time again (well, it is well past time as I will explain below).  First of all, to those of you who check the site regularly, I would like to say thank you, and extend my… Read More »

JGGH Podcast: Episode 3

By Bryce Jenkins, July 31, 2008 Comments Off on JGGH Podcast: Episode 3 Randomology

Bare bones podcast this time folks, straight and to the point. Once again, check the Show Notes for links. [display_podcast] Participating lenders use should aerial retrench on screen or to obtain Where to Buy Sildenafil 20 mg Tablet Online ideas… Read More »

JGGH Podcast: Episode 2

By Bryce Jenkins, July 24, 2008 3 Randomology

Well then, now that I have a little more confidence after how well my first attempt was received, let us see how the next offering fares. Some new things to keep any eye out for, like a contest. Right click… Read More »

JGGH Podcast: Episode 1

By Bryce Jenkins, July 19, 2008 10 Randomology

Alrighty then…so I guess that it is time to put this up. Welcome to the first ever JGGH Podcast, aptly named Episode 1. Here in I will give you the low down on a taste of what was talked about… Read More »