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By Bryce Jenkins, June 6, 2011 0 Randomology

Battlefield 3 has been tantalizing us for a little while now, and now we have some more shiny details. Utilizing the new Frostbite 2 game engine, Battlefield 3 will be showing why the series is as well regarded as it… Read More »

By Bryce Jenkins, May 20, 2011 0 ,

Some of you may recall the original Star Raiders circa 1979 for the Atari 8-bit computers. This is Incinerator Studios… Read More »

By Bryce Jenkins, April 26, 2011 0 ,

When junegore asked me to review this game, I had never heard of it and all I really heard was… Read More »

By Bryce Jenkins, April 17, 2011 0 ,

Following in the vein of classic Arcade Cabinet games such as 1942 and to a lesser extent Raiden Fighters, Allied… Read More »

Flamingo Field: Revealed

By Bryce Jenkins, April 1, 2011 0 Contests, Events, jggh

A few posts ago, junegore revealed Compound: Valid and said it was the last map we were unveiling for tonights Playdate. He was wrong, but only because he asked me a question last night. So I’m here to show you… Read More »

Beyond Good & Evil: HD: Review

By Bryce Jenkins, March 3, 2011 37 Reviews, Xbox 360

Never having played the original release of Beyond Good & Evil I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when I was done downloading the game. As game opens you are introduced to your character Jade. After a short cinematic and… Read More »

Epic Dungeon: Review

By Bryce Jenkins, January 22, 2011 10 Reviews, Xbox 360

Honestly the name itself is a pretty accurate review of the game. Epic dungeon is an Indie Game available on the Xbox 360 for the paltry sum of 80 MSP (or $1). The concept of the game is simple, yet… Read More »

Unbound Saga: Review

By Bryce Jenkins, December 31, 2010 0 Reviews, Xbox 360

I had that dream again… The one with the rabbits… And their Molotov Cocktails. Damn killer rabbits. For a game that starts out with that quote, I expected some good humor from Unbound Saga. Before junegore passed me the assignment… Read More »