Elite Could be Extinct?

By Eric Baumgardner, March 9, 2009 Comments Off on Elite Could be Extinct? Randomology

So common knowledge tells you that there are three different kinds of 360's.   The Arcade, Pro and the Elite.  Now I can tell you that if I were going to buy a new 360 it would be an Elite. … Read More »

Games Need to Adjust.

By Eric Baumgardner, February 18, 2009 4 Randomology

With the current status of the economy, all sorts of things are adjusting to meet the new-found outlook that we all have.  Everything from gas prices to the price of a gallon of milk.  So why not the biggest form… Read More »

I'm Ready for my Damn Water!

By Eric Baumgardner, February 1, 2009 8 Randomology

Oh, how things change. No more than five months ago this site was very active for it to be so small. No more than five months ago my game sessions I had could only be described as Epic. Now I… Read More »

I Heart DLC

By Eric Baumgardner, January 12, 2009 2 Randomology

2009:  It looks like the first part of the year and maybe the last part will be DLC- friendly.  All those games that came out this past holiday season will be jumping on the DLC  train to make those already-good-games… Read More »

2009, A New jggh.

By Eric Baumgardner, January 1, 2009 Comments Off on 2009, A New jggh. Randomology

For the past 6 or 7 months I have enjoyed having this web site.   I like speaking my mind on the blog and talking to all of you in the forum.  It has been a daunting task to keep… Read More »

jggh Holiday Wishes

By Eric Baumgardner, December 15, 2008 Comments Off on jggh Holiday Wishes Randomology

This will be my last post through the holidays. I have a very busy schedule in the coming days. I work in the retail business.  On top of that I work in toys.  So with that being said, I have… Read More »

To Rank Or Not To Rank?

By Eric Baumgardner, December 9, 2008 Comments Off on To Rank Or Not To Rank? Randomology

I think online gaming is one of the greatest things to happen to gaming.  In saying that it changed the way games are played. It gave the option to have fun, or take it to the next level. I always… Read More »

Black Friday Is Over

By Eric Baumgardner, December 2, 2008 Comments Off on Black Friday Is Over Randomology

Hello to all who will listen. It has been some time since I put a new post up. So I thought I would write about this past Black Friday. One of the most dreaded days in retail. As the years… Read More »